VPN Software – Why You Need One

[box type=”info”] 2016 Update: Hey! We just published a review of fastest growing: ExpressVPN – Click Here to Read it[/box]

I didn’t think I would need VPN but it became a vital part of my market research process. Google AdWords has an online tool for checking competitor ads or to see if your ads are running, but it doesn’t allow you to click on links. Changing location settings will not do the trick and 90% of traffic sources I’ve seen don’t have a similar tool to check “what others are doing”. I don’t launch campaigns very often but it is always good to see other ads and offers running.

  • I will start my virtual machine,
  • Start Firefox and turn off adblock,
  • Pick a niche and search for the keyword on Google to find inspiration for my next campaign idea…

I don’t have a lot of experience with these and I check coverage and price only. Most of my campaigns target North America, Australia and Europe, so I will make sure these areas are covered. Considering emerging markets and people getting wealthier there, you may want to add Brazil, Turkey, Russia and South East Asia to the list. I have used HideMyAss (because it was the most one when I started online marketing) and bought IPVanish (they had a campaign going on) recently and really liked it.

I am not a security freak and I don’t really care if they keep logs or not. But if you ARE, make sure you read reviews and find the best one fitting your needs. https://vpnservice.reviews/ is a good one.

Below you will find a list of vpn software. Just check them and see if they have a discount/promotion going on. Promotions keep coming and going, that is why I haven’t listed any here, it takes a lot of time to keep it updated.